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About Me | Creation Unleashed

My name is Michał Mierzejewski and I’m a photographer. I’ve spent over 15 years pushing the boundaries of photography. I’am self-taught freelancer in the field of landscape photography, I’ve become synonymous with pristine images of mother nature.

As a graduate of the Faculty of Environmental Protection, I always try to combine the true nature of my photography with the least burdensome possible for the environment, but always with the most beautiful finish. I don’t really know when I started my photography adventure? I suppose it was always like this – having some kind of Passion deep inside me… Being a freelancer I started Photography as only I realised the beauty of the moment, and how delicate the moment is.

Photography is taste, birth… so I felt like I just had to give shapes & colours to my impressions & feelings. It’s my poetry of reality or mirages just coming true. Our life is just a book, full of frames and shots, isn’t it? My photographs are nothing but beauty keeping, so it would be clearly sense, feel and almost substantial. We all should make ‘Our moments‘ last longer, much longer.

Michal during photoshoot

Pure Nature Photography Manifest

Through my cameras and lenses, I pledge to capture unadulterated nature and celebrate raw beauty, untamed landscapes, and genuine moments. With integrity, we preserve Earth’s essence, inspiring others to cherish and conserve our precious planet.

Awards & Honors

Amongst the numbers of prestigious accolades and merits garnered over the years, I have only wanted one. My beloved magazine – National Geographic. I made it in my first attempt. It was the first photo I submitted for the competition ever… That’s why I gave up participating in photo contests in order to create the most beautiful photo creations for all of us…

National Geographic


Italy, Concorso Fotografico


ND Magazine Awards

Honorable Mention (for every photo every year)

2016 - 2020

Books, Magazine, Publications, Calendars cover photos