7he Ar7ist – Michał Mierzejewski Photography

EducationAs a graduate of the Faculty of Environmental Protection I always try to combine the true nature of my photography with the least burdensome possible for the environment, but always with the most beautiful finish.
Agricultural Academy, Environmental Protection
Wroclaw, DL, Poland 2001
SkillsPhotography and Paintings
Adobe Photoshop
AwardsNational Geographic - Winner
Concorso Fotografico Italy - Winner
ND Magazine - Honorable Mention (for every participated photo)
stopped participating to focus on ar7creation

I’ve spent over 15 years pushing the boundaries of photography. I’am self-taught freelancer in the field of landscape photography, I’ve become synonymous with pristine images of mother nature.

I Create abstract, stylized and realistic photographs of nature for art adorers to be displayed in local establishments and most beloved home places.

The best feeling is when I can see different sights in the same places…

Reality is just a live studio proposition which we too often use for granted. As the art ends on the wall – I hope it’s still screaming as a form of collage of different objects using my soundstudio.

So welcome to the Photography of Ar7!

About me — Michał Mierzejewski

I don’t really know when I started my photography adventure? I suppose it was always like this – having some kind of Passion deep inside me … Being a freelancer I started Photography as only I realised the beauty of the moment, and how delicate the moment is.

Photography is taste, birth… so I felt like I just had to give shapes & colours to my impressions & feelings. It’s my poetry of reality or mirages just coming true.

Our life is just a book, full of frames and shots, isn’t it?

My photographs are nothing but beauty keeping, so it would be clearly sense, feel and almost substantial. We all should make ‘Our moments‘ last longer, much longer.

Latest Projects:

All Those Yesterdays

All Those Yesterdays

Date21.08.2021Сlient************Size140 x 65 cmEditionNo. 01 of 10FormatPanoramic
Multisun office

Multisun office

Addressul. Zakrzowska 21, 51-318 WrocławClientMultisunMultisun, PL

7he Mist – soundscape of nature


7he MIST – the best soundscape to my ears.

The best soundscape to my ears is while we all struggle to survive after the night, an unnatural mist envelops almost everything and reveals vicious, dawn monsters or bijous as extreme tensions rise among the nature beautiful landscape.

Both the moon, the sun and I were crawling as slowly as possible in this blissful and beautiful mystical aura. It seemed to us that we were floating more and more slowly, I wandering around the fields after night and He in the sky through the fabulous hills and hills, the mist often complements and even provides beauty to photographs. For me, it’s another marvelous model of the perfect “addiction”.

See for Yourself.

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