Creation Unleashed

Michał Mierzejewski Photography

Nothing as it seems

From Idea to Implementation

One of my mostly beloved places near place I live was pictured many times in many ways. “Nothing as it seems” is my favourite one and I’m happy that ii’s finally done. Perfect individual print is framed in over 120 years old wood. Limited edition, only 1 piece. Unique ar7, unique wooden frame. It’s heavy, it really is. The hard work done by the bark beetles over the years allowed me to get even more out during the renovation process. Each of their paths has been cleaned and secured for the future.  A perfect, delicate varnish finish unleashes the beauty of nature.

The entire communication network is filled with resins to connect the photo with the frame as closely as possible.


Everything is handmaded by the Ar7ist and ready to hang on the wall.

The photo is one of my favourites. I have always appreciated the both simplicity and power of nature’s messages. We use and devastate it mindlessly, and She still  releases her beauty in magical but extremely short moments, that I present to you.

The frame was made from an 1898 bedroom wardrobe door. Most of the work was done by bark beetles over the years, which I used to create this work of art with the help of tons of deep black resins. Hundreds of years of work of these little creatures could not be wasted.



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