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Michał Mierzejewski’s Handcrafted Frames from Reclaimed Wood

In the world of photography, where every click captures a fleeting moment, Michał Mierzejewski has found a way to extend the essence of these moments into physical form. Not only does he possess a keen eye for capturing nature’s beauty through his lens, but he also demonstrates an unwavering commitment to preserving and presenting his art in a way that’s equally unique – through handcrafted frames made from reclaimed wood.

What truly sets apart Michał’s individually framed photos is the undeniable sense of singularity they carry. Just as no two moments captured by his lens are alike, each frame resonates with its own distinctive texture, color variations, and imperfections. This symbiosis of the imperfectly perfect – where nature’s beauty is encapsulated in a frame shaped by time and history – is what makes his work stand out.

The process of crafting these frames is not only a nod to sustainable practices, but it’s also a labor of love that elevates his photography to a new dimension. It’s as if the very essence of the landscapes, wildlife, and scenes he captures extends beyond the confines of the photograph, fusing with the tangible artistry of his frames. In a world dominated by digital displays and quick consumption, Michał’s handcrafted frames call for pause and appreciation. They beckon viewers to engage not just with the image but with the materials that hold it – to feel the warmth of weathered wood, to trace the lines etched by time, and to connect with the spirit of the moment encapsulated within.

As you gaze upon one of Michał Mierzejewski’s individually framed photos, you’re not just observing an image frozen in time. You’re witnessing the convergence of art, nature, and craftsmanship. You’re holding a piece of history – not just in the photograph itself, but in the very frame that cradles it. Through his unwavering dedication to both his art and the environment, Michał invites us all to experience the beauty of the world through a lens that’s uniquely his own.


the Print

All of Michal’s images are printed on the best papers, canvas or anything available, always individually matched and framed to show the original photo in a best light. Every one of the frames that Michal sources is designed and produced exclusively by Michał. This individual approach guarantees the highest quality photographic product possible combined with closesed to nature wood framing.


the Frame

As Environmental Protection graduated student Michal’s always try to keep it closest to nature and produce the finest quality and most aesthetically alluring moldings in the world. Old world nature recycled timber veneers are hand sanded and expertly finished to enhance their inherent cracks, amazing “defects” and inherent beauty. All of Michal’s exquisite wood frame moldings are individually hand-crafted by the artist himself for every photo. All timber is sustainably and especially sourced from recycled/old wood.

the Assemble

the Asemble

In every step of Michal manufacturing process the Ar7 is inspected every possible way – before and after each phase to ensure the highest quality standards..


the Certificate

Every single piece of Ar7 made by Michal is always assembled with original Certificate of Authenticity.

Pack and Ship

Pack and Ship

Michal’s insistence that all production be done in-house means the final and critical last act is a individual marvel. Special attention to superior packing practices and materials protects your ar7s from damage during transit.

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