To Obey To Obey

Boy brought power to obeyHear me call to obeyI seek him clothedCome shush-hushWe are bound To obey! Inspiration:silent spring – massive attack 3 days shooting animals is much enough for me! Needed something silent, alone just for me to...

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To Obey

Down in The Hole Down in The Hole

“Down in a hole, feeling so small Down in a hole, loosing my soul I’d like to fly, But my wings have been so denied” Alice In Chains – Down In A Hole Italy, Dolomites.

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Down in The Hole

Pacman Pacman

Morning rain in Kazimierz. River Wisła. I don’t know how nature knows how to make it harder for photographer to take photos. Here it’s a bliss for me. Rain drops like a atom bombs makes the scene with the...

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