Creation Unleashed

Michał Mierzejewski Photography


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Michal Mierzejewski’s photographs stand apart. So do his Ar7 creations. Just to admire.

On Your Wall.

Wall of Art

Michal always tries to find the most appropriate and desirable locations for his limited Ar7 creations just to begin your journey under his leadership as passionate landscape photographer. 

Art Mansion

Located just outside the outskirts of the Wroclaw, near nature-of-the-art headquarters of Ar7 in Kowale district– designed by Michal himself – provides the perfect, free of mind and woderful athmosphere to support and guide our Artist’s stunning visions with a highly valued collector base.

World of Art

Experience Michal’s elegant Ar7 world voice in an original stage adaptation of hundreds compelling photostories. Follow his fascinating nature photographs in a quest beyond fact and reason to the rich inner life beneath the routines of our days. Discover the dream theater that brings to life the internal experience of a moment.

Personal Favorites

I choose my favorite photo locations especially carefully – always try to combine with them precious moments, emotions and stories in the one and only frame of time, evoking nostalgia and joy with one glance. For me, all of them stop time, and allow to visit and draw unique experiences from fleeting moments of life around us. For me the importance of photographing unknown locations lies in the exploration of untapped beauty, unique narratives, and the preservation of hidden gems that might otherwise remain unnoticed. Here’s why these lesser-known places hold significance in photography:

In essence, unknown locations in my photography serve as a canvas for exploration, storytelling, and creativity. They offer the opportunity to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary, unveiling hidden treasures that enrich the world of visual art.

Selecting images for my personal favorites gallery is a difficult task for me, but I hope that this will give You a better understanding of the types of images I try to create, which I highly value as my greatest achievements in the field of nature photography.