A Winter’s Tale


Awarded Photograph.

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How often a song stays in your head so deep almost tattooed that it can express itself in your ar7 in the future?

Is it even possible? Everything is.

Queen – A Winter’s Tale

This Queen song, heard for the first time on my birthday (got the CD as a gift rom my friend) already burned the projection in my head.

Several years later it was born on photographic paper. After many hours of climbing in the over -20 degree Celsius morning, a beautiful document of Freddie’s “It’s all so beautiful” words was created.

I just asked myself:

“Am I dreaming Am I dreaming…?”

The Answer is one:

“Oooh – it’s bliss”

The frame is handcrafted with naturally recycled wood elements, filled with decorative resins and ready to hang on the wall.

It’s always confirmed by Certificate of Authenticity

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Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 130 × 5 × 65 cm

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