Awarded, Published Photograph

Print M size on 3 different high-end materials.



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Insignificance to me photograph printed on high end materials.

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, we are but mere specks of dust, transient beings inhabiting a tiny blue planet amidst countless stars. Our lives, dreams, and struggles may seem monumental in our own eyes, yet they are but fleeting moments in the grand scheme of the universe.

Acknowledging our insignificance inspires awe and reverence for the beauty and complexity of the universe, fostering a sense of interconnectedness with all life and a profound appreciation for the preciousness of our existence.
Yet, despite our smallness, we possess the capacity for wonder, empathy or qualities that allow us to find meaning and purpose amidst the vastness of space and time.

Michal Mierzejewski Craftsmanship™ and Michal Mierzejewski High End Prints™ brings photography to life. Stellar technology combine with traditional methods to produce gallery-quality Michal Mierzejewski Style™ that showcase vivid colors and unparalleled contrast. Every single piece of limited edition arts has its own fully handcrafted frame, made from natural and recycled materials.

  • 60 x 110 [cm] high end print M size

By ordering AR7 in Open Edition You get high end print on high end materials to be used in many places or to replace yours.
¤ Canvas
¤ Fine Art Artistic Rag Paper
¤ Photo Print

All Prints are signed and certified.

Pre-Sale Purchases Full sales price is due at the time of pre-sale purchase.

Limited Edition artworks ship within 4-6 weeks. Interested in a size or framing option not available online? We are here to help! To speak to an Art Specialist, please contact us.


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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 100 × 10 × 10 cm










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