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Roger at his best.

Limited Edition.



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The only times I’ve ever used sth to help me with my photographic vocals as I use to call my passion was, is and will always be Music.
It’s very for me hard to get a full consciousness of the location, theme of work or even knowing people without it.
Photography is very much a made-up-in-the-head thing which is all being created and built up from a basic throbbing made in my head.

Limited Edition

No.1 Artist Proof / 10 Limited Edition

Fully handcrafted frame, made from natural materials.

Michal Mierzejewski Craftsmanship™ and Michal Mierzejewski High End Prints™ brings photography to life. Stellar technology combine with traditional methods to produce gallery-quality Michal Mierzejewski Style™ that showcase vivid colors and unparalleled contrast. Every single piece of limited edition arts has its own fully handcrafted frame, made from natural and recycled materials.

  • 40 x 110 [cm] high end print
  • 50 x 120 [cm] handcrafted wooden frame

Pre-Sale Purchases Full sales price is due at the time of pre-sale purchase.

Limited Edition artworks ship within 4-6 weeks. Interested in a size or framing option not available online? We are here to help! To speak to an Art Specialist, please contact us.

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Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 140 × 10 × 70 cm

Black, White






Limited Edition



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